Marina Nuñez del Prado was born in La Paz, Bolivia on October 17, 1910. Married to Peruvian writer Jorge Falcon, she spent her last twenty five years in Lima, Peru. where she lived and worked up until her recent death on September 9, 1995.

From 1927 to 1929 she attended the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in La Paz, where she later became a professor of art anatomy and sculpture, from 1930 to 1938.

As of 1930, Marina Nuñez del Prado begins showing her work, having since exhibited in Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, The United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal, Chile, Japan and Corea among other places.

She has 163 individual exhibits to her credit, as well as her numerous participations in Art events and Bienials.

Award and Honours
1930 Gold Medal- Best Exhibition of the Year, La Paz.
1936 Gold Medal- First Prize Foreign Artist, Buenos Aires.
1938 Gold Medal- International Exhibition in Berlin.
1846 First Prize Sculpture. Annual Hall of the National Association of Women Artists of New York.
1951 First Prize-Scoulpture I Bienial Hispanoamericana de
Arte' Madrid.
1954 Awarded the "Condor de los Andes, La Paz
1960 Grand Prize- Sculpture III National Hall of Bolivian Art. Bolivia
1969 International Grand E'rize Sculpture. Bienal Interamericana de Mexico,. Mexico.
1961 Awarded "Orden de San Carlos" medal. Colombia
1967 Awarded Medal of Merit by the Ministry of Culture.Bolivia.
1972 "Honoris Causa" degree in Art is bestowed upon by the Universidad Mayor de San Andres. La Paz.
1972 "Honoris Causa" degree in Art is bestowed upon by the Universidad Mayor de San Andres. La Paz.
1975 Awarded the "Pedro Domingo Murillo" medal. La Paz.
1983 Awarded the "Gran Premio Pedro Domingo Murillo" for
lifetime achievement. Bolivia.
1983 "Marina Nuñez del Prado" hall established in the National Art Museum. Bolivia.
1985 Gold Medal and diploma awarded by the "Manuel Vicente
Ba1livian" foundation. Bolivia.
1986 Bestowal of the great cross of the Order "El Sol del
Peru y Medalla Civica de la Ciudad." Lima, Peru.
1988 Awarded Diploma and Medal of Merit by the "Junta del
Acuerdo de Cartagena. Lima - Peru.
1990 "Premio Extraordinario de Cultura" La Paz, Bolivia.
1993 Conferred the Coat of Arms of the City of La Paz, by the
Mayoralty of La Paz - Bolivia
1993 Public square named after her.
1993 Conferred "Bandera de oro" by the Honourable Senate.